sweet Fanny Adams

sweet Fanny Adams
little or nothing at all

I asked for a raise and they gave me bugger-all


I know sweet Fanny Adams about surgery

Syn: ↑bugger all, ↑fuck all, ↑Fanny Adams
Usage Domain: ↑obscenity, ↑smut, ↑vulgarism, ↑filth, ↑dirty word
nothing, ↑nil, ↑nix, ↑nada, ↑null, ↑aught, ↑cipher, ↑cypher, ↑goose egg, ↑naught, ↑zero, ↑zilch, ↑zip, ↑zippo

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sweet Fanny Adams or sweet FA (slang)
Nothing at all
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Main Entry:Fanny Adams
sweet Fanny Adams see under ↑Fanny Adams
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Main Entry:sweet

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sweet FA/Fanny Adams/very informal phrase
nothing at all
Thesaurus: nothing, none and no onesynonym everything and including everythingsynonym
Main entry: sweet

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sweet FˈA f8 | sweet Fanny ˈAdams f8 idiom
(BrE, informal) nothing at all. People say sweet FA to avoid saying fuck all .
Main entry:sweetidiom

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